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Special offer All obd remaps £160 Tricore remaps £180 Carbon cleaning £45 or add with a remap for just £20 Diagnostics £30 or free with a carbon clean

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What are the benefits of a Remap?

There are many benefits to a More BHP remap for your car's engine ECU (Electronic Control Unit). Every More BHP ECU remap or chip upgrade will deliver: increased power and torque improved throttle response smoother power delivery, removing flat-spots where possible improved MPG during normal driving helping to reduce fuel bills and your carbon foot-print More BHP has ECU remap and chip tuning software upgrades for many modern petrol engines (turbo and non-turbo) and turbo-diesels. Non-Turbo Petrol Cars up to 10% more power and torque improved throttle response enhanced rev range Non-turbo cars benefit from an optimised fueling and ignition strategy matched to the quality of fuel in your tank. Any throttle restrictions are lifted to improve power and throttle response. Turbo-Petrol Cars up to 20% more power up to 25% more midrange torque improved throttle response smoother and enhanced power delivery enhanced rev range increased MPG during "normal" driving

Carbon clean

.Restores performance .Lowers harmful emissions. .Revitalises fuel efficiency. .Helps avoid costly repair .bills.

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